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  1. Global Mini Militia Tournament

    Hey Guest, its time to show off your skills to this world. RT4U is providing a never before platform to make this festive season more pleasurable by arranging a mini militia championship at global level. Here's your chance to get beyond the boundary & play at intense level with world class players.
    Click here to submit your application.

  1. ShihabSoft

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    Nov 11, 2017
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    Hey there,


    It was all started on 2012 just from a blogspot domain, as I was dreaming about making something. By god's grace, a single member entity now have multiplied into thousands of members making a big community with a brand name "RT4U" aka "RevealedTricks4U" as of what you can see now. Without you guys, it would never be possible for me (us) to reach this goal of building a healthy community, that I've always dreamed of.

    As part of the community development, and the huge number of bug reports and suggestions made through out this entire reign over the mod community, it was impossible for us to keep track of those mails, texts, posts, etc... over our social media pages, mail boxes, text services etc. Now with the establishment of this forum website, it will be well organised and no query from any of you guys will never be missed or discarded.

    After discussing with our team members, and hearing from you all through vote polling. We've decided to open this forum, hoping for your support and connection.

    Now everything is eased out, you can post a bug report if you're facing any issues with our apps, or if you've idea / suggestion you could post it right over here.

    Hope to bring this community healthier than ever, with your prolonged support :)

  2. Robertbrorn

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    Dec 18, 2019
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    I just updated to 7.32 and was looking forward to trying the new GUI hopefully with db gain reduction scales, etc. What was changed? Im not sure I see any difference.

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