China Functional Additive Masterbatch

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    XS-RL-M3320 (Flowability Modifier Masterbatch for PA)
    XS-RL-M3320 is a high efficient functional masterbatch for PA (PA6/66, PA610, etc), which could significantly increase PA fiber processing flowability and final product’s surface finish upon on its low melt viscosity and high PA resin compatibility. Since the product could be compatible well with PA resin matrix , it could keep the materials’ performance stability as well as improving the flowability.
    It could be also used in PA materials extrusion, injection molding to improve products flowability.
    It is a Flowability Modifier MB for Nylon (PA).
    ItemsUnitStandard value
    Appearance--Milk white particle
    Melt range℃216-220
    Volatility (105℃/2hr)%≦0.3
    Base material--PA6
    Physical Properties
    ●Good compatibility with PA and easy for dispersion.
    ●Significantly improve PA fiber spinnability, reduce cracking and breaking.
    ●It is no impact on PA fiber toughness, dyeing and finishing.
    ▲XS-RL-M3320 for PA66 spinning
    (wt.%)Spinning Pressure (Kg)Size
    (dtex)Fiber Strength (cN/dtex)Breaking Elongation (%)
    Conclusion: Masterbatch 1% could have good flowability, and reduce spinning temperture for 10℃.
    There is little impacton strength and toughness of PA66 monofilament.
    Spinning technology parameter
    (1) Spinning temperture (℃):
    Area-1Area-2Area-3Area-4Straight tubeElbow tubeBox
    (2) Spinning plate hole count: 36.
    (3) Winding speed: 600 m/min; draft temperature: 80/160℃; draft multiple: 3.5X.
    Remark: The above data are only for reference. Customer should change the formula according to actual dosage and application, may contact our technical engineer for details.
    Usage Suggestion
    Mix it with resins before processing. Suggest to add 1-3%. Dry it together with PA resin.
    Package and Storage
    25kg/bag. Store in ventilated, dry place, avoid direct sunlight. China Functional Additive Masterbatch

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