Dehydrated Onion Products suppliers

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    The dehydrated onion silk is made from high-quality onion produced by the green cultivation base and processed by international leading technology. It is a pure natural product. This product is rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other nutrients, and it is resistant to cold and promotes. Appetite, lower blood sugar, lipid-lowering blood pressure, anti-cancer and other effects, is a multi-functional health food.
    It contains prostaglandin A, can reduce peripheral vascular resistance, reduce blood viscosity, can be used to lower blood pressure, refreshing, relieve stress, prevent colds. In addition, it can also remove oxygen free radicals in the body, enhance metabolism, anti-aging, and prevent osteoporosis. It is a health food suitable for the elderly.
    It is widely distributed in China and cultivated in all parts of the country. They are one of the main vegetables in China. China's onion originates mainly in Fujian, Shandong, Gansu, Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang.
    Production process:
    Raw material selection → cutting → blanching → cooling → drain → drying → sorting → packaging.
    Shape. Precooked, due to different raw materials, easy to boil put boiling water cooked, not easy to put the boiling water (water temperature is generally above 150 °C) slightly cook a moment, the general blanching time is 2 to 4 minutes. Leaf vegetables are best not treated by blanching.
    Cooling, draining Vegetables after pre-cooking should be immediately cooled (usually cold water showers) so that they quickly fall to room temperature. After cooling, in order to shorten the drying time, the water can be thrown by a centrifuge, or the pressure can be drained by a simple manual method. After the water is drained, the cool air can be spread out to prepare the plate for baking.
    Drying According to different varieties, different temperatures, times, colors, and moisture content during drying should be determined. Drying is generally performed in a drying room.
    Sorted and packaged dehydrated vegetables are tested to meet the requirements of the Food Hygiene Law, which can be packaged in plastic bags, sealed and packaged, and then listed.
    How to use:
    Put it directly when cooking
    Our trade process
    1. For a large number of orders, if the prices acceptable to foreign companies are lower than the prices announced by our company, the business personnel shall report to the department manager for approval and implementation; if the department managers cannot approve, they shall be approved by the general manager and then implemented.
    2. For C&F and CIF quotation, we need to handle transportation, insurance, or need to carry out statutory inspections, etc. Business personnel should contact relevant intermediaries in advance to determine, choose intermediaries should consider business proficiency, service efficiency and reasonable charges .
    3. For the sending requirements of foreign companies, in principle, to pay; for the larger sample size, in principle, the other side bearing.
    Costs and expenses. After the formal order, you can deduct the cost and send the sample fee. Special circumstances, such as better relations.
    For old customers, we can prepay and waive the samples, and report them to the department manager for approval. Larger fees can be reported to the general.
    Approved after implementation.
    Trading methods:
    In payment methods, in principle, consider all or part of the former TT as the deposit, and the rest of the payment will be faxed to the bill of lading and all the short-term letters of credit. The receiving bank and salesman are responsible for checking the form and content of the letter of credit and discovering the difference, should promptly notify foreign businessmen to modify. After the letter of credit was reviewed correctly, it was reported to the department manager for review.
    Inspection method:
    According to the standard of food export inspection.Dehydrated Onion Products suppliers

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