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    Selection table of FH200 Residual Current Circuit Breakers
    PolesFault CurrentRated CurrentType CodeOrder CodeUnits/Pack
    2-pole30mA25AFH 202 AC-25/0.032CSF202006R12501/60
    40AFH 202 AC-40/0.032CSF202006R1400
    63AFH 202 AC-63/0.032CSF202006R1630
    100mA25AFH 202 AC-25/0.12CSF202006R2250
    40AFH 202 AC-40/0.12CSF202006R2400
    63AFH 202 AC-63/0.12CSF202006R2630
    300mA25AFH 202 AC-25/0.32CSF202006R1350
    40AFH 202 AC-40/0.32CSF202006R3400
    63AFH 202 AC-63/0.32CSF202006R3630
    4-pole30mA25AFH 204 AC-25/0.032CSF204006R12501/30
    40AFH 204 AC-40/0.032CSF204006R1400
    63AFH 204 AC-63/0.032CSF204006R1630
    100mA25AFH 204 AC-25/0.12CSF204006R2250
    40AFH 204 AC-40/0.12CSF204006R2400
    63AFH 204 AC-63/0.12CSF204006R2630
    300mA25AFH 204 AC-25/0.32CSF204006R1350
    40AFH 204 AC-40/0.32CSF204006R3400
    63AFH 204 AC-63/0.32CSF204006R3630
    2-pole30mA25AFH 202 A-25/0.032CSF202102R12501/60
    40AFH 202 A-40/0.032CSF202102R1400
    63AFH 202 A-63/0.032CSF202102R1630
    4-pole30mA25AFH 202 A-25/0.032CSF204102R12501/30
    40AFH 202 A-40/0.032CSF204102R1400
    63AFH 202 A-63/0.032CSF204102R1630
    Elcb RCD

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