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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Bikash, Nov 12, 2017.

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    Unfortunately its common with any software to get crashed or not to work as its meant to be at any point of time for various reasons, so if you are having any similar kind of issues regarding our Toggle mod applications, you can post a bug report. We will surely look onto it as soon as possible. Make sure to post your thread in below shown format for a quick response.

    1. Application Name - (Toggle mod which you are using)

    2. App version - (Version of that specific Toggle mod)

    3. Game version -(The game version)

    4. Phone name & model -(Mobile Manufacturer & model no)

    5. Android version -(Simply you can see it in the about section of your device)

    6. Problem - (Try to give a description of consequences you are experiencing, the more you will be clear the more it will be easy to replicate & fix your issue)

    7. Logcat/Log files - (If posssible send the log file stored in Rt4u folder in your device storage)

    You can post a bug report
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