Hot Forging Hydraulic Press

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    Our History
    Our History and location: Huzhou Xinke Forging Machine Co., Ltd. is built on 2008. located at No. 299, Shanyou Road, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province. It is near to the Huzhou Railway Station and the Expressway Huzhou North Exit.
    Our Factory
    The company is a scientific and technological equipment manufacturing enterprise specializing in R&D, design and manufacture of large, medium and small CNC, servo, fast, special hydraulic machines and complete sets of equipment. The company adheres to the business philosophy of creating a brand with quality and operating with integrity. It draws on the advanced hydraulic, electrical and mechanical structural design advantages at domestic and abroad, strictly controls the production quality management system, starts from the design source, and is based on the quality of the purchased parts. Survive by quality, win customers by service, and satisfy customers with practical actions. At present, we have four types of hydraulic machines, such as four-column, frame type, single-column type and horizontal type, which have been formed,
    Our Product
    Servo Hydraulic Press; Hydraulic press for SMC, BMC, LFT, GMT product; Hydraulic drawing press; Metal sheet hydraulic extruding press; Hydro-forming hydraulic press; Hot forging hydraulic press; CNC Hydraulic press; High precision hydraulic press, etc.
    Our Certificate
    Our Certificates: ISO2001: 1998; CE; GSG; Patent; etc
    Production Equipment
    Hydraulic press for SMC, Hydraulic drawing press; Hydraulic stamping press; hot forging hydraulic press, cold extruding press
    Production Market
    East-South Asia; Europe; South Africa; South America; North America, etc.
    Our Service
    We aim to provide our customers with quality, efficient and stable products through reasonable and advanced design concepts and high-quality parts and components. The company's purpose: technology innovation, integrity management, ingenuity quality, good morality!Hot Forging Hydraulic Press

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