Mining Industry Bearing Made in China

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    product Introduction
    The special spherical roller bearings developed by KEGAN are matched to the operating conditions in vibratory machinery and have proved highly successful in practical use. In particular, the cages of the rolling bearings are subjected to stresses arising from high radial accelerations. In unfavorable cases, these may be overlaid by axial accelerations as well.
    Product feature and application
    The special spherical roller bearings developed by KEGAN are designed for the operating conditions in vibrating machines and have proven their worth in field application, for Vibratory Stressing
    Production details
    The bearing has one sheet steel window cage half per row of rollers with high geometrical stability. The cage halves are supported via the cage guide ring in the outer ring. The guide ring is of a single piece design. All cage parts are subjected to a special surface hardening process.Mining Industry Bearing Made in China

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